Saved by Grace Judged by Works

"Saved by Grace, Judged by Works" - 2015 Annual Conference

This year, the main spiritual gathering of the East Canadian Field Conference will be held May 15 to 17 in Toronto, Ontario.

The guest speakers at the conference - Davi P. Silva, Liviu Tudoroiu and Eli Tenorio da Silva - will present Christ-centered messages firmly rooted in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. These messages will emphasize the need of accepting Jesus as our personal Saviour and help you to be prepared for the close of probation.

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Vegan Cooking Classes

 "The Vegetarian Way"


Vegan Cooking Classes

You will Discover...

- The art of preparing food that looks and tastes good and that is nutritious to your body.

You will enjoy...

- Sampling unique culinary delights.

Health literature and recipe books will be available for purchase.

2015 Winter Youth Retreat Report

February 13-16, 2015 (Friday to Monday) the East Canadian Field Conference held its annual Winter Youth Retreat at Shalom by the Lake - the well-known and well-liked Christian camp in Haliburton Highlands. Cold weather and daytime temperatures ranging from -10 to -25 degrees Celsius did not discourage the families with children and several couples and single adults without children to come to this scenic place. To the contrary: this time our people came and stayed in numbers larger than ever before. They had enjoyed one of the most spiritually uplifting winter retreats in our history.

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