Shalom by the Lake

Report on 2014 Winter Youth/Children Retreat

A Winter Youth/Children Retreat was organized by the East Canadian Field Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement (SDARM) and was held over the long weekend of February 14-17, 2014 in the beautiful place of Shalom by the Lake (Algonquin Highlands), Ontario. The theme, “God’s Works”, focused on the Miracles of God’s works in the material world, physical healing, and spiritual healing.

Br. Dorin Burca presented on Sabbath at 11:00 am, a message entitled “As Seen in the Bible”. Usually people are made to buy certain things they see on TV. The title of the sermon was the opposite of what we see on many products - “AS SEEN ON TV”. The main focus of the message was how we can be transformed by looking into God’s word, and how Christ chose twelve common people, just as we are, to carry the Gospel message. We know that in the beginning the Twelve had lots of difficulties but as time went by, God transformed them so that they became ready to be laid on the altar as a living sacrifice for the cause.

In the afternoon we had a beautiful program presented by the children, with lots of songs, and other items. For the Young People’s Meeting (YPM), Heidi Lasica presented the topic - “Miracles of Physical Healing”, then Rhoda Oprisan presented another topic - “Miracles of Spiritual Healing”. The last presentation featured in the YPM was by Xenia Poznic, under the title “Miracles in the Material World.” All of these presentations were focused on “God’s Works”, the main topic of the Retreat. The last presentation in the afternoon program was by Br. Etienne Lombard. Its title was “The Wonders of God’s Science”. To our surprise, Br. Etienne made some visual demonstrations of the Wonders of God’s Science. The highlight of his presentation was when he brought us back in history, to the time of the people of Israel when incense was burned on the altar. The demonstration with real incense filled the entire room with a strong and pleasant smell, which reminded us of God’s Works in the Old Testament.

Sunday morning Br. Walter V. Lukic delivered a lecture entitled “History of the English Bible”. Using a PowerPoint presentation, he traced the history of the translation of the Bible into the English language. The lecture was an exciting and informative journey into Old English and Middle English and an encounter with the most significant literary documents in the history of the English language. As the Protestant Reformation took firm root in England, William Tyndale came along and made his translation of the Bible (primarily the New Testament). That translation laid the foundations of the Modern English language and until our times it has served as a basis for all subsequent Bible translations into English. Tyndale, and many Bible translators after him, paid the ultimate price for his noble deed by becoming a martyr for Christ and His Holy Word. Considering the blood of these heroes of faith, how much more we should value the Holy Scriptures.

Many of us have known for some time that Bro. Milan Lasica and his family have been quite enthusiastic about healthy diet and lifestyle. A pleasant surprise to all of us was to discover that Bro. Milan is not only a good student of the health reform but also a talented and inspirational public speaker on this subject matter. Two well prepared and skillfully delivered PowerPoint lectures presented by Bro. Milan on Sunday, namely, "Blessings of Health Reform" and "Practical Simplicity in Health Reform," have been much appreciated. In the first lecture, Bro. Milan laid out in an attractive way the basic principles of health and healing according to the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. In the second lecture, the speaker offered a simple but valuable advice on how to implement the eight laws of health in our daily routine. We will not forget a very encouraging practical counsel: As families, let us make each month at least one step in a good direction by adopting a new healthy habit! Small, but consistent steps in the right direction will transform our lives.

Monday morning Sr. Sonia Oprisan made the last presentation, “God’s Work Complete.” In that PowerPoint study which also featured a very interesting story for children, young and old alike were challenged and encouraged by the thought that God has been at work in both creation and re-creation. His goal for each one of us is the development of a symmetrical character that reflects His glory. That immense work of restoration, human beings, on their own, are incapable of either beginning or finishing. However, God has promised that He is the One who has begun the work of transformation and that He is the One Who will complete it. It is our privilege to cooperate with God in that great building project. By surrendering our will to His will, each day and every moment, we become partakers of the divine nature, until one day His beautiful image will be completely revealed in us.

Last but not least, we wish to express appreciation for the wholesome and delicious food served at the Retreat Centre. We gratefully acknowledge the ministry of Sr. Tanya Lukic and of her able helpers.


Here are some pictures submitted to us by Br. D. Poznic:

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