Toronto Church bulletin

Sabbath, July 15th, 2017


Every act of life, however small, has its bearing for good or for evil. Faithfulness or neglect in what are apparently the smallest duties may open the door for life's richest blessings or its greatest calamities. It is little things that test the character. It is the unpretending acts of daily self-denial, performed with a cheerful, willing heart, that God smiles upon. We are not to live for self, but for others. And it is only by self-forgetfulness, by cherishing a loving, helpful spirit, that we can make our life a blessing. The little attentions, the small, simple courtesies, go far to make up the sum of life's happiness, and the neglect of these constitutes no small share of human wretchedness. – Patriachs and Prophets p. 158


The Church at Study - Sabbath School



Song Service

Congregation in Song


Silent Prayer

Congregation Stands

Opening Hymn

#161 - Lord of the Sabbath

Opening Prayer



Jim Gray


Encouraging Experiences / Gratitude

Hymn of Praise

#465 - Watchmen Blow the Gospel Trumpet


Lesson Review

“Signs of Christ’s Return” (Helena Poznic)


New Lesson

“Messages of Warning for Our Day” (E1 : Jaromir ; E2 : Tyrone; Y : Hans)


Sabbath School Offering

Closing Hymn

#381 - O Christian Awake

Closing Prayer





The Church at Worship - Divine Service



Silent Prayer

Congregation Stands


Dalibor Hanuska

Opening Hymn

#106 - Tell Me the Story of Jesus

Key Text

Romans 12:1

Opening Prayer

Dalibor Hanuska

Tithes and Offerings

Special Music




... - ...


“How Righteousness by Faith Becomes Practical” (by Dorin Burca)

Closing Hymn

#417 - Would You Be Free?

Closing Prayer

Dorin Burca



Fellowship lunch: There will be no official fellowship lunch today.

Prayer Meeting: The regular Tuesday prayer meeting will take place at 7:00 p.m.



Prayer Requests

  1. For Br. Sarcevic, Br. Maurice, Br. Martinkovic and others who are ill.
  2. For all our church families in Canada.
  3. For our young people, children and visitors.

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