Toronto Church bulletin

Sabbath, October 13th, 2018


As the church approaches her final deliverance, Satan is to work with greater power. … For six thousand years that mastermind that once was highest among the angels of God has been wholly bent to the work of deception and ruin. And all the depths of satanic skill and subtlety acquired, all the cruelty developed, during these struggles of the ages, will be brought to bear against God’s people in the final conflict. And in this time of peril the followers of Christ are to bear to the world the warning of the Lord’s second advent; and a people are to be prepared to stand before Him at His coming, “without spot, and blameless.” 2 Peter 3:14. At this time the special endowment of divine grace and power is not less needful to the church than in apostolic days. – Great Controversy p. x


The Church at Study - Sabbath School



Song Service

Congregation in Song


Silent Prayer

Congregation Stands

Opening Hymn

#165 - Welcome, Delightful Morn

Opening Prayer



Damir Poznic


Encouraging Experiences / Gratitude

Hymn of Praise

#55 - Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise


Lesson Review

“The Office of the Holy Spirit” (by Dorica Oprisan)


New Lesson

“Symbols of the Holy Spirit” (E1: Hans O'Connor; E2: Tim Poznic ; Y: Kaitlin Hanuska)


Sabbath School Offering

Closing Hymn

#138 - O for That Flame of Living Fire

Closing Prayer





The Church at Worship - Divine Service



Silent Prayer

Congregation Stands


Damir Poznic

Opening Hymn

#390 - Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah

Key Text

Revelation 14:6, 7

Opening Prayer

Damir Poznic

Tithes and Offerings

Special Music




465 - Watchman, Blow the Gospel


“The Remnant Church and the Great Commission” (by Walter Lukic)

Closing Hymn

#664 - Jesus Is Coming

Closing Prayer

Walter Lukic



Fellowship lunch: Please join us for fellowship lunch in the church basement after the Divine Service.

Study for Children and Youth: Br. Walter will lead a short study immediately after lunch today.

Cooking Class: A reminder of the cooking class tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. Please bring your friends.

Board Meeting: There will be a short board meeting after the cooking class tomorrow.

Prayer Meeting: Prayer Meeting will be held as usual this coming Tuesday evening at 7 p.m.



Prayer Requests

  1. For our members who are ill, particularly Br. Charles Balbach, Br. Maurice and Br. Martinkovic.
  2. For all our church families in Canada.
  3. For our young people, children and visitors.

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