Toronto Church bulletin

Sabbath, January 13th, 2018


In this time of trial we need to be encouraged and comforted by one another. The temptations of Satan are greater now than ever before, for he knows that his time is short and that very soon every case will be decided, either for life or for death. It is no time now to sink down beneath discouragement and trial; we must bear up under all our afflictions and trust wholly in the Almighty God of Jacob. The Lord has shown me that His grace is sufficient for all our trials; and although they are greater than ever before, yet if we trust wholly in God, we can overcome every temptation and through His grace come off victorious.- Early Writings p. 46


The Church at Study - Sabbath School



Song Service

Congregation in Song


Silent Prayer

Congregation Stands

Opening Hymn

#162 - O Day of Rest and Gladness

Opening Prayer



Jim Gray


Encouraging Experiences / Gratitude

Hymn of Praise

#585 - I Am Thinking Today


Lesson Review

“A Candidate for Heaven” (by Ron D.)


New Lesson

“The Enigma of Trials” E1:Sonia; E2: Tim; Y: Dorin


Sabbath School Offering

Closing Hymn

#444 - I’m a Pilgrim

Closing Prayer





The Church at Worship - Divine Service



Silent Prayer

Congregation Stands


Hans O’Connor

Opening Hymn

#399 - Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah

Key Text

Isaiah 8:20

Opening Prayer

Hans O’Connor

Tithes and Offerings

Special Music



375 - Christ, Out Mighty Captain


“The Beginning of Wisdom” (by Dorin Burca)

Closing Hymn

#281 - O Brother, Be Faithful

Closing Prayer

Dorin Burca



Fellowship lunch: Please join use for fellowship lunch in the basement after the Divine Service.

Young People Meeting: The next YPM will take place in Puslinch on January 20th at 3:00pm.

Charitable Donations: The cut-off date for 2017 donations will be Saturday January, 13. All donation cheques for 2017 should have a date of 31 December 2017. Please make sure to include your cleaning dues ($96 a year per member) and subscriptions if you have not yet done so.

Prayer Meeting: Prayer Meeting will be held as usual this coming Tuesday evening at 7 p.m.

Canvassing Project: The East Canadian Field will be hosting a canvassing project for Toronto in July. A special appeal is being made to help raise funds to host this event.



Prayer Requests

  1. For our members who are ill, particularly Br. Maurice and Br. Martinkovic.
  2. For all our church families in Canada.
  3. For our young people, children and visitors.

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