Toronto Church bulletin

Sabbath, June 17th, 2017


“That which lies at the foundation of business integrity and of true success is the recognition of God's ownership. The Creator of all things, He is the original proprietor. We are His stewards. All that we have is a trust from Him, to be used according to His direction. This is an obligation that rests upon every human being. It has to do with the whole sphere of human activity. Whether we recognize it or not, we are stewards, supplied from God with talents and facilities, and placed in the world to do a work appointed by Him” – Education p. 137


The Church at Study - Sabbath School



Song Service

Congregation in Song


Silent Prayer

Congregation Stands

Opening Hymn

#162 - O Day of Rest and Gladness

Opening Prayer



Jaromir Hanuska


Encouraging Experiences / Gratitude

Hymn of Praise

#495 - Work for the Night is Coming


Lesson Review

“The Church: A Light to the World” (Helena Poznic)


New Lesson

“Faithful in Business” (E1 : Jim G. ; E2 : Ron D.)


Sabbath School Offering

Closing Hymn

#482 - I Am Happy in the Service of the King

Closing Prayer





The Church at Worship - Divine Service



Silent Prayer

Congregation Stands


Tyrone Pedro

Opening Hymn

#100 - Worthy, Worthy is the Lamb

Key Text

Jeremiah 17:10

Opening Prayer

Tyrone Pedro

Tithes and Offerings

Special Music




296 - When We Walk With the Lord


“The Iceberg” (by George Schiopu)

Closing Hymn

#358 - Take My Life and Let It Be

Closing Prayer

George Schiopu



Fellowship lunch: There will be fellowship lunch in the basement this afternoon following the divine service. All are invited.

Chir Practice: There will be a short choir practice this afternoon between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m.

Prayer Meeting: The regular Tuesday prayer meeting will take place at 7:00 p.m.

Canada Day Commemoration: If anyone would still like to participate in this program, but is not sure how, please speak to Sr. Sonia today.

Painting of Church: On 25 June, the church basement will be repainted. If you would like to help, please speak to Br. Dalibor Hanuska.

Canvassing: On 25 June, we will have an opportunity to go canvassing. All who are interested are welcome to participate.



Prayer Requests

  1. For Br. Sarcevic, Br. Maurice, Br. Martinkovic and others who are ill.
  2. For all our church families in Canada.
  3. For our young people, children and visitors.

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